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Our Story

At Acquire Taste, we are passionate about telling stories through still and moving imagery. We aim to specializes in all aspects of media production, including photography, videography, and post-production. We are dedicated to bringing your vision to life and exceeding your expectations with our creativity and attention to detail. We believe that every project is unique and we work closely with our clients to ensure that their story is told in the most authentic and creative way possible.

Welcome to Acquire Taste

Kai Dunn

Creator of Acquire Taste

We always try to take a unique approach to the creative process at Acquire Taste. To create something unique takes time, attention to detail, and a bit of magic. Our unique touch comes from countless hours in the studio, perfecting our craft and creating captivating photos and videos. Let us take you behind the scenes of how we created this image with a behind the scene time lapse video of Kai in studio in the video below.



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