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Exploring the Unseen - A Fabric of Motion and Light

Welcome to a collection that's anything but ordinary – a blend of fabrics, wind, and motion, captured in moments of sheer experimentation and joy over the past few years. 

Welcome to Acquire Taste

Kai Dunn

Creator of Acquire Taste

We always try to take a unique approach to the creative process at Acquire Taste. To create something unique takes time, attention to detail, and a bit of magic. Our unique touch comes from countless hours in the studio, perfecting our craft and creating captivating photos and videos. Let us take you behind the scenes of how we created this image with a behind the scene time lapse video of Kai in studio in the video below.


About KAI Dunn

an Austin, Texas-based artist 

Kai is a 28-year-old explorer with a deep love for animals, nature, and the thrill of exploring the unknown. This passion infuses his work with a unique perspective, capturing not just what meets the eye but the emotions and stories that lie beneath the surface.

Founded at the intersection of artistry and innovation, Acquire Taste is a reflection of Kai's vision to redefine visual narratives. Whether it's the intimate moments of a wedding, the dynamic energy of a concert, or the essence of a brand, Kai's lens tells stories that resonate. With a foundation built on authenticity and a dedication to pushing creative boundaries, Acquire Taste is more than a photography and videography service – it's an experience crafted by visionarys.


Contact us today to embark on a visual storytelling adventure with Acquire Taste and Kai Dunn.

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