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Fetti x Acquire Taste


What is it?

A podcast recorded in the Fetti vans featuring host Kai Dunn as he interviews “celebrities” in a Fetti van as they go to various highlighted locations in Texas that are hand picked per interview. No rules style interviewing, going for the unexpected. 

What the format?

Each episode will be no less then 1 hour per episode of lightly edited interviews to premiere on YouTube biweekly for 6 months. Each episode should aim to produce 8-12 highlight videos for the Youtube channel to ideally be uploaded one piece of content everyday for 6 months to gain a decent fan base. 

Three cameras will always be rolling A, B and E cam. A and B will be be static cameras and E cam will be operated by a set hand on a Ronin Stabilizer that will always be rolling in the van and whenever we leave the van. 

PROduction (Pilot Episode)

People needed for production:

- Host 

- Driver ( preferably Colin so I can make fun of him every episode) 

- A/V Engineer (+$500)

- Camera Operator (+$500)

-Drone Pilot (or Kai does exterior shots of Fetti van on separate day)

Equipment Rental (3 day rentals) :

Sony Alpha a7S iii : $114

Sony A7r ii: $54

Sony Cyber-Shot RX0 II (x2): $68

Sony FE 14mm f/1.8 GM:  $61

Sony E 16-55mm f/2.8 G: $57 

Ronin Stabilizer: $56

Atmos Monitor (x2): $50

Mounting supplies: $50

RODE Wireless GO Compact Wireless System w/ Omni Lav Mic (x3): $66

Spare, Batteries cables ect: ....

All other equipment to be supplied by Acquire Taste 

Estimated total: $576

What does Fetti have to do?

Fetti as the shows only sponsor will be providing the production costs for the shows production including supplying of a Fetti van. 

Fetti will reach out to all of its high level ambassadors to schedule a shoot with Fetti that require about 2-3 hours of total time on set. 

Work with Acquire Taste to produce a show we are both excited to share with the world. 

What does Acquire Taste have to do?

Acquire taste will be responsible for the overall production of the show. Including all technical aspects, pre production and post production. All audio and video specifics will be rigged by Acquire Taste and tested vigorously to ensure a smooth production that will allow us to have a much smaller team on set saving everyone money. 

Why should Fetti hire Acquire Taste?

Acquire taste is extremely hands on and attentive to the entire production, meaning, we like do it all. You wont find anyone who can produce the level of quality for our price. Acquire Taste guarantees something that will be unique, fun and help you stand out on all social media outlets and that you will see a net profit from this small production price. 

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